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For those of us that are lucky enough to live on the shores of Mississippi Lake, the proximity to nature is ever present.  Whether we enjoy water sports and fishing in all seasons, watching the ever-changing face of the lake or just like to enjoy the haunting sounds of the loons on a summer evening while we watch a perfect sunset, we are all part of something wonderful that needs to be protected.

20160930 sunrise brenda bennettNo matter the charm of living by the lake, there are challenges to this way of life that we all share.  One of the goals of the Mississippi Lakes Association (MLA) is to help you deal with the challenges through information sharing.

We are on our own when it comes to the municipal services that town dwellers take for granted. Be it wells, septic service, road maintenance, snow clearance or garbage collection, not everything is created equal and we can benefit by sharing our experiences and solutions with others.  The MLA and its web site provide avenues for this exchange.

Lake StormWhile many of us moved to the lake, whether full-time or part-time, to get away from the constraints of living in a city neighbourhood, we still have a responsibility to be good lake citizens.  Respect for private property, compliance with municipal by-laws and generally being considerate of our neighbours’ rights to enjoy their property are among the things we do to ensure we all can enjoy the water and the ecosystem that surrounds it.



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